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2022 Prius radio upgrade issues

Discussion in 'Gen 4 Prius Audio and Electronics' started by Jswhitne, May 13, 2024.

  1. Jswhitne

    Jswhitne New Member

    May 13, 2024
    San Antonio
    2022 Prius
    L Eco
    Hi! New here and hoping I’ve found the right place for some help. I have a base model L eco 2022 Prius (w/o JBL) and I’m wanting to upgrade the OEM head unit. I went to Crutchfield and ordered a Sony unit and all the parts they said I’d need. I’ve ordered from them before and replaced a head unit before, so I knew they would make it easy.

    Well, the Metra 70-1761 harness they recommend and the instructions they have on file don’t match what the back of my OEM head unit looks like. I contacted support, and they acknowledged that Toyota changed connectors in their head units sometime in 2022 (pandemic) and they hadn’t accounted for my unit’s wiring due to not being able to test these units.

    Has anyone had experiencing replacing their OEM 2022 head unit w/o JBL audio? If so, what radio harness did you use and do you have any advice? Can I just take the unit to a shop and get it done without official harnesses? Not much I can find on the internet, to be frank. I included an image of what Ceutchfield says my radio should look like, what it actually looks like, and the cables. I Cannot find a single video of a 2022 model with an upgraded head unit. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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