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2025 Toyota Land Cruiser to not follow Lexus GX Powertrains

Discussion in 'Toyota Hybrids and EVs' started by drash, Jul 15, 2023.

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    From CarScoops, it seems the the new Toyota Land Cruiser will not get the 3.4L twin-turbo V6 found in the Lexus GX, Toyota Sequoia or Toyota Tundra or it's hybrid equivalent.

    2025 Toyota Land Cruiser To Reportedly Stick To Just 4-Cylinder Engine Options | Carscoops

    Even though the new Land Cruiser be the same size as the Lexus GX, the Land Cruiser will get three different 4-cylinder options depending the market. For Europe it'll get the 2.8L turbo diesel from the Hilux pickup. For the US it'll get the 2024 Tacoma 2.4L turbo and for entry level models, probably in other parts of the world it will get the 2023 Tacoma's 2.7L NA. Not sure if the Land Cruiser will get the 2024 Tacoma HybridMax on upscale models but I'd hazard to guess that it will.

    Can't believe a large vehicle like that would get the 2.7L because in the Tacoma it's a horrible powertrain based on my personal test drive. Imagine pushing around a 2 ton (3915 lbs, 1776 kg) vehicle with 159 hp (117kW) engine that gets 1 mpg more than the 3.5L V6 in mine. Turn on the climate control and it gets worse.