3G Prius Inverter Failure at 102k Fixed Under Enhanced Warranty

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    So I wanted to post my experience just In case this helps someone else or provides more information for failures post recall. My Prius was a 2012 Model that was a CPO Lease that I bought on 6/13 at 23k

    Initial Recall 38k on 2/14 (Might have had less mpg and performance post recall but never really noticed I'm hard on it with aggressive driving)

    Failure 103k on 5/18. After stopping at a stop light and accelerating like normal we felt a bump and immediately lost power with hybrid and engine lights on. We still have full a/c, two bars on the battery and we parked just fine. We turned it off and after turning it back on but we had the same issue, the gas engine turned on and we still had complete control of the car. We were 10 miles from home and we were able to drive back home with 2 bars, full a/c but starting from 1-15 mph was quick 15-40 mph was dreadfully slow and we lost speed up hills. We were however able achieve highway speeds up to 70 mph. The battery never lost bars, the gas engine never turned off and we were able to restart a couple of times between the incident and repair IMG_0438.jpg .

    We got home fine, the Prius started fine and I was able to drive it to Autozone and pulled the codes that said the inverter had issues which I figured was covered under the warranty enhancement. I was able to drive it to the dealership using back roads and Toyota covered all cost.

    The car feels slightly more peppy afterwards and the parts were updated ones. Just wanted to throw my experience out there.
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