6.6kWh or DC Fast Charging

Discussion in 'Prime Plug-in Charging' started by black_jmyntrn, Nov 9, 2022.

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    Well, the road to a baby tesla eating at the red light road has to lead me here, to charging. why hasn't non here gone down this road to the 6.6kWh charger in the Rav 4 Prime? we can't use their 18.1kwh battery but the gen 1 PHEV can use the 8.8kwh in the Prius Prime... now the new 18.1kWh in the Lexus NC450h+ we can use... then you get to the point of charging, even if I went the almost 50kWh battery from the Rav 4 EV(which might be the only option to power rear motor for AWD conversation to be able to beat a baby tesla) the time to charge! I think the RX is at 2.5 hours on 6.6kWh or the Rav 4 one of them. But non have the DC... so am i looney for thinking if I go this far might as well try and fully charge in less than 45mins right? Hope someone can poke holes in all this...