A/C blend actuator noise passanger side

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    A/C blend actuator noise passanger side like a door that needs lubed. Put AC on lowest setting turn wheel so you can reach it. use engine noise tester tool to find noise coming from actuator. Remove bottom cover and glove box so you can see the door open and follow the leaver back 6" to the actuator. Then to fix the noise drilled a small hole in bottom of actuator and spread a lube inside. see pictures then run it all the way open and all the way closed a few times.
    Put your head all the way back to see it next to center of car. Up about 7 to 8 inches.
    Try to remove everything first to many things in the way just to replace part.
    The same lube renew hatch shocked too
    light off wish app 5 bucks super bright
    Lube was Lowe's 5 bucks
    Took 5 min to fix after finding bit 20180819_120927.jpeg 20180819_121126.jpeg 20180819_121157.jpeg 20180819_123837.jpeg

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