About to do some heavy modding (carputer, monitors, etc)

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    Dec 20, 2012
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    I'm new to the forum and just purchased my 2012 Prius II yesterday new. I got it pretty much stock because I'm going to use the car to eat up miles on the days I don't need to use my truck for work, trips with the wife and kids and stormchasing.

    The plan right now is to add an optima battery in a modded compartment directly above the cranking battery. In the dash I'm taking the factory radio out and remounting, not exactly sure where I'm going to remount yet, depends on what we see when pulling the dash. Where the radio is installed from the factory I'm installing a 10-12" touchscreen monitor. Both headrests are going to reworked slightly and a 8" monitor is going in those. I'm also flush mounting an all in one GPS unit in the dash, installing a 2500w power inverter and a 3 watt wireless cell booster amp . Then for the main course, I'm installing a carputer. This thing will need several power supplies to get the proper voltage and power needed because it will have a TV tuner, PS3, backup cam, dash cam, 3TB hd, 1Tb ram, will be running windows 8 and some heavy duty radar and mapping programs. Also the 3 monitors will all be capable of watching live tv, dvd, blue ray, streaming netflix (in 4g or wifi range), playing PS3, viewing as a computer monitor, etc. The front monitor will be the only one capable of controlling the actual computer but the rear monitors will have the ability to view the computer or any of the PS3 functions.

    A good friend of mine owns a car audio store and has been wanting to help me do an all out install that I can use for stormchasing which many times involves 5k+ miles of driving in a week when it is an active season and also have it functional enough for a daily driver and to entertain kids on a long trip.

    We've got most of the major details hammered out but a lot of the smaller stuff we'll just have to think on our toes as we go. Before getting started, neither of us are too sure about the electrical and charging system on the prius. I've read that in ready mode that I'll be good to go with both amps and volts. The biggest problem he has with his prior carputer installs is not being able to get high enough constant voltage which leads to constant small problems. Luckily technology has come a long way since in the last two years particularly when it comes to power consumption vs performance.

    Here are my big questions:
    What happens if I use these electronics without being in "ready mode" for short period?
    Should overloading the generators be a concern? I'm not running any high power amps but just a large volume of equipment.
    Will using this equipment in any way decrease the vehicle's performance whether it be gas mileage, battery life or actual driving performance?

    I really appreciate any help and if you guys know of any threads that hit on some of these issues or an install somewhat similar it would be a huge help.

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    You're about to, huh? Something tells me it's gonna be a while before you're about to... ;)

    It doesn't really seem like you've done your homework on this buildout. Has your "friend that owns a car audio shop" given you any help? I'd start with him before coming back here... it seems you've got a lot to figure out.

    The first thing any reputable shop would do given a laundry list like yours is develop a power budget. That 2500W inverter is going to draw more juice than the Prius can deliver, by a long shot... one extra battery ain't going to cut it. Are you sure you didn't mean 250W?

    Crunch some numbers and get back to us when you've determined how much power you need: at standby, in operation and at peak. Then we can see how to mod a Prius to get you there...