ABS error code, wiring or computer, not wheel sensor

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    I have a 2010 Gen 3 Prius 154K miles. I have an error code of P0210 for RR wheel speed sensor. I have replaced the wheel sensor/bearing and the ~5 ft wire harness that leads from the sensor to inside the car. I have made cables to temporarily connect the RR harness to the LR sensor and the LR harness to the RR sensor at the connection inside the car just behind the rear seats. The Error code stays with the wire harness internal to the car.
    This confirms the wheel sensors are good, and the problem is with the harness or the computer. I am looking for a wiring diagram and locations of components and connections.
    Is there a separate ABS/skid control computer?
    Where is the physical location of the computer for the ABS?
    Where might connections in the wire harness physically be?
    Has anyone had mice damage to wiring, if so where? (search "incredible edible car")
    Any other input is appreciated.

    So with more digging it looks like the skid control is part of the MPX Multiplex Body Control computer.
    Can anyone tell me where the MPX is
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