AC Refrigerant pressures and temperatures what is normal

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    Refrigerant pressures and temperatures what is normal ?.

    From old information technicians were taught in the past from the 60s and 70s that keeps continuously getting passed on from generation to generation how do the same pressures and temperatures for air-conditioning stand up to today’s modern high efficient three phase electric motor air-conditioning systems on a Prius. Not to mention that old myth that a clear sight glass with out bubbles means the system is full. Take a look at the site glass in this video and you’ll see that it is far from full but yet the system is 100% factory fill to 420 g. But yet there’s tons of bubbles and foam in the site glass as I’m driving down the street taking live refrigerant gauge readings pressures and temperatures.

    there’s a lot of false information being passed on YouTube professors in online forms with couch potato engineers who do not possess the skills the tools the training or the education to perform diagnosis or give advice.