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    Might as well post an update. I really love the car, but after almost 50k miles, VW is buying back my TDI. I took a trip from east coast to upper north-west coast, then up to Canada, down back through Yellowstone, then to Mt. Rushmore and home this summer, putting about 8,200 miles on the TDI and avg'd 42-47 mpg without even a hint of hypermiling. Set the cruise at 5 over limit, so out west where speed limit is 80, I was doing 85! Very enjoyable long distance car, perfect seats for the long driving days, still nice and solid, no rattles, still have 2 original tires, replaced other two due to nail damaging them beyond repair, and just normal maintenance. I'm sad to see her go because I really love the way it drives! Every car I've test driven that I'm considering as a replacement, even the new Prius gen 4 model, when I get back into my TDI, I still would prefer to drive it over anything new. I could keep it and wait for the emission repair and take the restitution money, but I'll have a car worth much less than what VW is buying it back for. So the financial spreadsheet is dictating another new car. I've driven them all - you name it, I've likely driven it, if it was within reason, and a good replacement for fuel mileage, and size and room inside the vehicle. Even found a new 2015 MB E-250 Bluetec at $10k off sticker, but can't justify putting $50k into a car when I'll be just as happy spending $30k or less. FYI, I'm getting about $28k from VW, so not much money out of pocket, plus I'll have all the new safety gear not available in 2014.