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Add-on work with new engine coolant pump

Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Care, Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by OregonMark, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. OregonMark

    OregonMark Junior Member

    Nov 9, 2018
    Portland, Oregon
    2008 Prius
    At my 160K oil change, the dealer told me about some orange crust around weep hole on my wife's 2008 engine coolant pump. I'm indulging myself and ordering a cheap endoscope camera to confirm it. But if true, I'll probably get it repaired, even if it is, as many suggest, a very slow non-urgent leak. I'm the original owner, it just crossed 160K on the original pump, no other major repairs, and I plan to keep as long as possible. Its been a great car, still getting decent mileage. (If it makes any difference, it does burn about a quart of oil every 1000 miles, but that's been stable for quite a while. I'll live with it.)

    After a late night reading priuschat, I think I should be proactive and consider repairing several things at the same time that will be minimal extra work during a pump replacement. If I can get the dealer to do them for something reasonable above the cost of the pump, Ill pay the dealer. Second choice will be a reliable independent. Third choice, I'll do it myself. Here's my ideas, mostly from Patrick's post, How to replace engine coolant pump and thermostat but one more. Am I missing anything easy to do along with the pump? Or are any of these totally unnecessary for reasonable peace of mind that my wife will be safe in her car?

    Water pump (failing)
    Serpentine belt
    Idler pulley
    Coolant control valve

  2. exstudent

    exstudent Senior Member

    Jul 11, 2009
    Torrance, CA
    2007 Prius
    It should have been pink if Toyota SLLC was used for the drain and fill of the engine loop and inverter loop.

    Your oil consumption is still w/in specs: Owner's manual says : 1.1 qt./600 miles. But it is high compared to me, 1/2 quart between oil changes (158K miles).

    Be prepared for these next repair items:
    Catalytic Converter - high oil consumption rates lead to an early death.
    HV Battery failure at some point in the future too. $1699.70 Conicelli Toyota, $1803.16 Camelback Toyota
    Local dealers might beat or match Conicelli or Camelback's HV battery price, you have ask.
    Post #24 Verified $1700 HV battery purchase and no Tax (out of state billing address): 07 Prius pulled p0a80 code "Replace Hybrid Battery" - What are my options? | Page 2 | PriusChat

    I would buy the parts online from Camelback Toyota (Phoenix, AZ); aftermarket part quality & fitment is all over the place.
    Water Pump w/ gasket, yes, $55.33
    Belt, yes, $14.99
    Idler pulley bearing, optional, $49.59
    Thermostat, yes, $19.23
    Thermostat o-ring, parts diagram not clear if thermostat comes w/ this (call and verify w/ parts dept), $4.99
    Coolant control valve, NO, $78.47; This will trigger DTC P1121 when it fails completely (CEL stays on) or works intermitently (CEL comes and goes on). This part failure will not leave you stranded. Some people report hearing a rhythmic noise (likely valve trying to get into the right position), or not having any cabin heat (valve is stuck in the wrong position, preventing hot engine coolant from going to the cabin heater core).

    Inverter Water Pump, optional, $102.36;
    When was your's replaced during the recall?
    This part lasts a really long time. Read to get some perspective to decide if years/mileage is right for you to change: Inverter pump life? | PriusChat
    You can change out parts preemptively for preventative maintenance if you want. Some change when the part fails.
    DTC P0A93; many postings about this for you to read and be aware of what this part failure looks like.
    Toyota SLLC Coolant
    2 gallons for engine loop (simple drain and fill; NO flushing that all shops want to sell.)
    1 gallon for inverter loop (simple drain and fill).
    $16.95/gal (before tax) for me. Price shop your dealers; they will price beat/match.

    Since you are inclined to want dealer service, you can browse dealer websites to see their service and parts coupons online. Dealers will match other dealers offers. Don't forget about Costco and AmEx. They have dealer service and parts discount programs.
  3. edthefox5

    edthefox5 Senior Member

    Jul 25, 2007
    Clearwater, Florida
    2007 Prius
    Don’t need an endoscope which is a medical scope all you need is a flashlight and then bend over a little.
    Just look in the area of the serpentine belt if you see one speck of dried up red coolant anywhere in there the pump is weeping. You want a $99 Borescope.

    And the dealer doing anything reasonable is hard to come by. My dealer charges $145 an hour my mechanic charges $80. What’s your dealer hourly rate?

    After owning my car for 11+ years the only thing my car noticed and it helped its mileage was replacing the inverter coolant. Very very easy. Engine coolant repkacement on the other hand is very difficult and i would not attempt to do that without some way of monitoring the engine coolant temp because it could have a massive airlock and you will never know till the RTOD pops up because the motor is severely overheated.
    This is of course exacerbated because it’s the wife’s car as you will have no control once you hand it back
    To her.
    Everyone should own at least a Scangauge Xgauge. Very useful tool. Lifesaver when changing the coolant.

    Also If you own a aged G2 Prius an obd code reader with techstream is a must because hilarity over your hybrid battery will soon be on the horizon.
    There on sale on amazon VXDIAG $66 powered by techstream.
  4. 05PreeUs

    05PreeUs Senior Member

    Oct 1, 2016
    2005 Prius
    Water pump (failing) - Absolutely
    Serpentine belt - Absolutely
    Thermostat - Optional, the service life of modern thermostats is essentially "lifetime"
    Idler pulley - Absolutely
    Coolant control valve - Yes, but ONLY if routine cooling system maintenance has not been done per the TMC guidelines, as this is part can fail due to debris in the system left by old and degraded coolant.