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Aftermarket Head Unit OEM Fascias for 2010-2011 and 2012-2015 Gen 3 Models

Discussion in 'Gen 3 Prius Audio and Electronics' started by EV_Joyrida, Oct 23, 2017.

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    It has taken about two months to track down these parts. More specifically, the fascia for the 2012+ models. Therefore, I hope you all find the following information informative and useful. And, I hope it saves you all a lot of time and effort.

    2010 - 2011 Prius OEM Fascia for Aftermarket Head Units

    Textured and color matched (a dark gray) for 2010 - 2011 Gen 3 models
    Part number: 55405-47080

    2012 - 2015 Prius OEM Fascia for Aftermarket Head Units
    Textured and color matched (a light gray / silver) for 2012 - 2015 Gen 3 models
    Part number: 55405-47110
    I have not yet installed the part. So the pictures are here as reference to show that the fascia does in fact match.
    IMG_3475.jpg 133744_2012-Prius-HU-upgrade.jpg

    OEM Parts for Complete Kit
    2010-11 fascia: 55405-47080 (PANEL SUB-ASSY, INST) $64.55
    2012-15 fascia: 55405-47110 (PANEL SUB-ASSY, INST) $80.88
    86221-52050 (PANEL, RADIO RECEIVE) $12.56
    86221-52060 (PANEL, RADIO RECEIVE) $12.77

    -Prices shown are listed prices from toyotapartsdeal.com on 23 OCT 2017
    -Spacers are position dependent (meaning buy both parts because they only fit one side each)
    -Fascia ...110 is listed as being for the Korean models. However, as shown it will work
    -Fascia ...080 is as I understand it listed for the 2010 prototype Prius Plug-in

    Non-OEM Parts for Easy Installation

    Scosche 2010-Up Toyota Prius Double DIN or DIN w/pocket Install Kit: TA2105B

    I highly recommend this kit because plastic is exponentially easier to work with (cut and modify) then stamped steel (OEM head unit mounting brackets). Plus, this mounting kit lines up (horizontally and vertically) the head unit (HU) perfectly for the OEM Toyota aftermarket HU fascia. So there is no need to go through the butt pain of extensive modifications of stamped steal brackets. You'll only have to adjust the depth in which the head unit sits into the dash if you want it to sit further back into the dash.

    You only need to use the left and right plastic brackets of the kit. Toss the rest of it in the can. Below is the link to my full write up (on Spiderman's head unit install thread) on how to modify the Scosche kit. The picture below is just for quick reference.

    My write up (# 187 - 188): 2010 Toyota Prius model II Head Unit Upgrade | Page 10 | PriusChat
    Spiderman's write up: 2010 Toyota Prius model II Head Unit Upgrade | PriusChat
    132828_IMG_3377.jpg 132829_IMG_3378.jpg