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Aftermarket Passenger Side (RH) Mirror

Discussion in 'Gen 3 Prius Accessories and Modifications' started by Mr_Raja, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Mr_Raja

    Mr_Raja Junior Member

    Feb 22, 2015
    2015 Prius
    So last weekend, my mom decided to start an argument with my garage and to show her domination, mirror checked the garage wall. As a result, my poor Prius lost the passenger side mirror. This weekend, more accurately today, I received the replacement after market mirror and am just done installing it. Took me an hour to remove the old one, clean the door, take the pictures, install the new one, test the new one and make the videos.

    Overall, not too bad considering the price. The OEM used mirror was costing me around 100 dollars off ebay, and I can only imagine how much the brand new OEM one will cost me. I am guessing around 200 bucks. The brand is called Kool Vue and it is Taiwanese made and is selling for 40 dollars, plus tax. I am not sure if I would have been better off with the TYC, which is another aftermarket brand. Perhaps someone on this forum can compare it.

    So far my impression is middle of the road. The finish is pretty decent. Of course, side by side, you can tell that the OEM one has better finish and quality, but on its own, this aftermarket one is not bad. My only issue is that the mirror assembly has some play to it. It might be a defective one or it might be like that, I cant say for sure. I am going to reach out to the seller in a little bit and see what they say. The mechanism works fine without any issue. Cant say anything about the heating part because it didnt get that chilly yet, only down to a nippy 42 degrees here in Maryland so far, but its only the end of November and winter didnt even officially start yet. So we shall see. If you do end up buying this one, I will say do re-use, if you can, the rubber seal that goes between the mirror and the door. The OEM one is much better made than the one that this aftermarket one comes with.

    Below is the link to the pictures of the OEM and the aftermarket one, plus the two videos that shows the "wobble" of the aftermarket mirror.
    Kool Vue Side View Mirror Pictures and Videos.

    Hope this helps someone else in the PriusChat world. :)