Air fuel ratio sensor issues

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    ok, so I had four projects to kill with one wrench. The four projects were:
    1: Replace valve cover gasket. I had oil leaking into my 3rd spark plug hole.
    2: replace fuel ratio sensor had code p2238 loss of fuel mileage etc.
    3: replace soak plugs 2nd time. Why? Because they had 100k on them.
    4: replace pcv valve. It's never been replaced and I was there anyways.
    So, all went well, I was worried about that shield around the sensor but I thought I'm removing it because it's bad. So I cut the wires, cut off the top of the sensor off with a grinding wheel and threw a 22mm socket on it and it came out like butter.. See pics.

    My problem is I went to put the new sensor in and the connector is totally wrong. It's not a denso but it was sold to me as will work with my vehicle. I can't afford oem or denso. So I HAD to go this route. I need help splicing the new sensor into the oem harness. I will just solder it and shrink wrap it up nice. But I don't know where to put the wires. Please look at pics and advise. I appreciate all of your help.

    2005 Prius 277K image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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