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    I recently bought a new car so my 07 is getting kicked out of the garage and will live at the end of the driveway now.
    I have sold its OEM cat and have a cheapie aftermarket cat that has been working good but it would really piss me off if it got stolen because they thought it was an OEM and damage the car to boot.

    So I am building a catalytic theft alarm using X10 devices.

    I have used X.10 products for years there cheap there useful and they work.

    They sell battery powered X10 motion sensors that you can buy for $5 on ebay all day long. All you need are the 3 devices listed for a system.

    The only caveat is the transceiver and the powerhorn alert box outlets have to be on the same phase in your ac panel.
    X10 works by sending signals over your home ac wiring to communicate with other X10 devices using the zero cross point of ac. For it to jump phases the signal has to go all the way out to the pole and cross over in the transformer resulting in very poor sensitivity and poor command of devices.

    If you want a 100% reliable X10 system you must install a phase coupler then transceivers and devices work pretty flawlessly no matter what outlet there plugged into to.
    To use without a phase coupler just move the powerhorn around to different outlets till it goes off then you know the transceiver and the alert horn are on the same side of the ac box. Also Helps if you know what breaker controls what.

    It also helps if the motion detectors are not to far from the transceiver. My transceiver will be on the porch very close to the car.

    I am going to mount 3 X10 battery powered motion detectors on a board and slide that board under the car at night. Anyone crawling under the car will immediately set off those motion detectors and alert me by making the powerhorn in my bedroom go off. It just dings loudly. I know this will work as I have used something similar to this using x10's many many times before.

    I have alot of Arlo cameras in the front yard but they don't work so good at the end of the driveway and if i turn up there motion sensitivity they go off all the time.

    I bet you can get all 3 devices listed for less than $40 off ebay brand new. I'll let you know if I catch any fish.

    PMS03 Wireless Motion Sensor - Controllers - X10 PRO

    PAT01 16 Channel Transceiver - Controllers - X10 PRO

    PSH02 X10 PRO Home Security Small PowerHorn Siren - Home Security

    XPCR Coupler Repeater Amplifier
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    I hope this works for you. It's seems more likely to catch rabbits than fish.;)
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