(another) 1 year review

Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Main Forum' started by rflagg, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. rflagg

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    Jan 5, 2004
    Springfield, VA
    Today is my one year anniversary of purchasing this wonderful car.

    When I picked up the car one year ago today, the ODO showed 1 mile - now I'm sitting on 24,041 miles. I've had the fuel gauge fix, the MFD fix, brake light switch, 4 oil changes, and countless hours of enjoyment of this car.

    It's not enough to say that I have enjoyed driving the car - like many others here, I look forward to driving now, and as seen by my presence here, I spend hours when I'm not driving sitting around discussing the car and it's many features and benefits. I have not had one minute of buyers remorse with this car, and I dread when I have to drive a regular vehicle. After 24k+, I'm sitting on an MPG lifetime average of 50.7, which is at least double that of my 2000 Neon I was driving previously. Figuring a simple math of say $2/gallon, that's $960 savings in one years time - obviously not enough to offset the payment difference, but still a very substantial amount (plus, odds are if I didn't buy the Prius, I would've bought another vehicle at around the same price).

    It's cliche and it's been said here more times than I can count - and most importantly people really don't understand this until they own one - but this is more than just a car. It's fun, it has great benefits, and it has interested me more in cars than I ever thought possible since I really wasn't a car guy.

    This is my first of many years of ownership with this car - I think Toyota really hit it out of the park with this car, and I look forward to coveting the next model when it arrives. I also look forward to hopefully having to never own another convential car again.

    I of course have to mention too that without Priuschat, I would've missed out on many nuances, freaked out without knowing some fixes posted, and have gone literally insane during my pre-purchase days. The best thing about this site is it's unlike any other - discussions here range on any topic, yet still today there's decency and courtesy between members on volatile topics - it's sad that there aren't more forums like this one, but I'm thankful of how great everyone is here.

    They're calling for 6-10" of snow today, and I can't wait to drive home in it - regardless of the weather or situation, I love driving this car!

  2. jimvitz

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    Dec 4, 2003
    Oak Park, IL
    Today is also my one year anniversary, and I too echo rflagg's comments. My stats are: 14, 100 miles and a lifetime mpg of 51.5. I was quite happy with my Prius' performance throughout the winter, both in the cold and in the snow. I still look forward to my daily commute, and continue to get questions and positive comments from people in parking lots who see I have a hybrid.

    I am again doing a presentation to the Environmental Science classes at our high school school this week and the interest level of our students is high. Many of them went to the Chicago auto show recently and have done research on hybrids. They are eager to learn more about the car and think it is a cool alternative. There is hope for the future. 8)