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    Source: Toyota Mirai Chief Engineer Says Musk's Right About Electric Cars

    Tanaka explained that the goal is to raise the car’s “practical range” to about 500 km (310 miles) due to the lack of charging infrastructure. As part of a joint effort with Nissan in Japan, the companies have built a network of 91 total hydrogen refueling stations, which is hardly enough to make the vehicles practical, regardless of range.

    Editor’s Note: Because the obvious backstory is not being brought forward by Toyota, we’d like to take a moment to comment on the other and likely main reason the Toyota Mirai is still a “thing” in the US over a fully-electric option from the company.

    A 300 mile FCV nets NINE California ZEV credits per sale – worth up to $5,000 a pop (~45k total) in avoided compliance charges, or these credit can be sold for cash to other non compliant OEMS. Not only that, these credits can “travel” outside of California to be used in other “CARB states”, avoiding the need to make zero emission sales outside of the state…which is unlike ~200+ miles EVs, that for 2018 on, only net 4 credits, and credits can’t be transferred to other states.

    Additionally, the development of fuel cell technology and its production is still well incentivized in Toyota’s domestic market. Then part of that end local result, in the form of the Japan-build Mirai, is then exported to the US to pick up the additional compliance bonus.

    Now if CARB would give more credits for a fuel cell truck, the problem is solved.

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    just fyi
    For the latest available year period Oct 2016- Sept 2017 plug-ins have sold 190K units in the US and 1 M units world wide. Perhaps ARB should also be looking at potential competition from plug-ins for a reason their estimates for fcv in 2021 slipped so far in manufacturer estimates in only a year.
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    & if hydrogen car sale/lease/registration isn't pathetic enough, one might consider how many of these units are there, that the manufacturer's simply palmed off onto various government agencies, city/counties/universities that are way more willing waste taxpayer money, than individuals are willing to waste of their own money.

    What an irony, when one considers municipalities and universities would seemingly make an ideal application for such things. However reality can be so very different, as Canada recently proved up;
    Vancouver Ends Hydrogen Bus Program Amid High Costs - Gas 2
    But unlike Canada WC Fields said there's a sucker born every minute. He must have been referring to US customers.
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