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    At 187k miles (purchased at 114k) I'm seeing oil leak in the rear and a clunking sound in the front. I'm fairly familiar with the Prius suspension, having installed the Tema 4x4 spacer kit on front and rear (it's probably not going back on with the new parts though). I'm pretty pissed at the shop that did my alignment last month and didn't mention a peep about the worn parts (I re-visited today and they said, "Yep, need four new shocks. At least $1000"), so despite not having a proper workspace with the impending rain, to hell with paying them (or anyone else, really).

    I've attached a screenshot of my cart. Do you think I'm missing anything? Am I going overkill with the new swaybars and bushings? Any suggestions?

    rock auto cart.png
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    I just finished mine last weekend and I think that you are good to go. I didn't do the front sway bar bushings and I used mostly Toyota OEM parts, a PITA as I mixed and matched old/new. I'm at just about 100K and the car now floats nicely on the crappy LA roads. I might suggest spark plugs as you have already taken the wipers off and for $40 it adds another 15 minutes only. Make sure you have a crazy high torque wrench as front 2 nuts are 177 ft pounds. I borrowed a battery impact drill to help in removing the sway bar links. The only bad bolt was the lower rear shock, I had to remove the rear wheel/hub/dust shield and use the impact drill. I needed a 1/2 breaker bar and a longer pipe (used floor jack handle) to make it happen, the other side was stripping so I used the drill. The front nuts came loose 'easy' with the long breaker bar resting on my leg and standing up.

    helpful tools
    Metric Ratcheting Combo Wrench Set - 7 Piece
    1/2 in. Drive 25 in. Professional Breaker Bar
    3/8 in. Drive Metric Hex Socket Set, 6 Pc.

    Thin Spark plug wrench

    Liquid Wrench
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