Anyone ever sleep/camp in a prius C?

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  1. Royston.K

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    Apr 18, 2019
    2012 Prius c

    Slept in Prius Gen 4 AKA ZVW50/51/55 in Japan for 19 days!

    Bought a car bed to use really comfy.

    However for NHP10 Prius C/Aqua I find that for most of us we won't be able to lie flat like how I did on the Gen 4 Prius.
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    Jun 2, 2019
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    2017 Aqua
    I’ll take issue with that. I’ve pulled the rear seats out and there’s more than enough room for me to lie down fully in the back. The only issue is the small gap between the rear floor and the seat cushions, but even with just a sleeping bag/fluffy blanket it was fine.
    With a mattress in the back, even a thin one, it’s perfectly fine, no different than my bed at home. With just a fluffy blanket, it’s on par with my futon.
    I am the sort that likes sleeping on futons, so take everything with a pinch of salt, but I couldn’t even fit it the back of a smart car, whereas the C is an incredibly spacious car for a subcompact. I’ve even slept in the front plenty of times without problem. My doggo find the front seats most comfy, too.
    As for it getting stuffy, I’ve never had a problem with two people sleeping in the back, but if they do much more than sleeping, yeah, it can get a little sweaty, but that’s to be expected.
    Either crank a window, or, as I’ve done, just leave the car running with the fans circulating external air. Probably only a good idea if you’ve connected a nice, big 12v battery to stop the engine from spinning up too much to charge things, but that’s another story.
    CO2/monoxide meters are always a good idea when sleeping in an enclosed space, but if CO2 builds up too much your body will automatically wake you up anyway. I’ve never seen it go above 20k PPM when I’ve slept with everything sealed.

    I bought my Aqua because of how perfect it is to bug out with, you can drive into the middle of nowhere and just live of the thing. I plan on throwing on a roof rack and solar cells to charge the 12v, and eventually add some Tesla 6kW packs, then it’s essentially everything you’d need for camping.
    I won’t have someone saying that just because it’s smol that you can’t sleep in it. A Honda S660, that’s a car you can’t sleep in. An Aqua? If it had a bathroom, I wouldn’t be paying rent.

    Even with the back seats in, I can still sleep in the back with them folded down, and again, the front seats fold flat too.
    Just for fun I slept in the back with the rear seats installed and up, it was incredibly cozy and fun, reminded me of a pillow fort from when I was a kid.
    I’m an adult, if I wanna spend my money on a pillow fort with wheels them I’m damn well gonna, and no-one’s gonna tell me I can’t.
    Only reason I took the seats out is because there’s other sorts of “fun” you can only reasonably have in the back without them.

    Tempted to put a bed in the back of my Smart just so I can demonstrate the difference. You could fit a mattress for two in the back of an Aqua. You could probably fit a pillow in the back of a fourtwo.
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  3. John in Vermont

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    Aug 2, 2018
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    2018 Prius c
    If you remove the front passenger seat, and leave it home, you will get a space that will easily let a 6 foot tall person stretch out comfortably between the closed tailgate and the dash. Also removing the fold down rear seat backs will give you a few more inches of headroom. If you turn the ignition switch of the car into the "ready" position the engine will turn on and off as needed to either heat or cool the car so you can leave the widows up as you sleep. When the weather is nice you can drape a bug net over the outside of the car and then roll down the windows as needed for bug free fresh air. Park a carbon monoxide detector on the dash as a safety precaution but the car shouldn't produce CO if properly tuned. You can easily stash enough compact lightweight backpacking equipment in the car to be well outfitted without feeling crowded.