Anyone get aux audio in center console working on android head unit?

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    Just finished installing my android 6.0 head unit. It was a lot work to get it all configured and install the rear camera, etc, but it is at the moment working flawlessly. Love that it has LTE in the car, Sygic navigation works fantastic and evertying is great, with one exception. I can't get the auxilary port in my center console to play. On my wiring harness it had a place to plug in the white and red RCA cables, but there was a single plug that I wasn't able to use on the harness as it doesn't fit anything. Also, there is one plug from my OEM stereo that doesn't plug anywhere in the new harness. I am thinking that they are probably the reason as the wires are similar colors and the RCA plugs on the new harness are attached to the unused plug.

    Does anyone know which plug this original cable deals with on the original stereo or how I would find out?
    original stereo2.jpg cable.jpg

    The new harness can be seen in this photo, on the right is the unused plug with the auxilary red and white RCA plugs coming out.
    new harness2.jpg
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    If my memory is correct, the Aux input in the console is designed for you to connect your playing device through it's earphone jack. The earphone jack is amplified and controlled via the volume control on said device, The red and white RCA inputs on the rear of your HU are line level inputs. If you were to connect your playing device to these inputs, it is possible to overdrive and possibly burn out the input. You should start with the playing device volume on minimum and gradually increase the volume.

    You will probably have to change out the wire and jack in your car. I would suggest using a cable designed for this. In the past they were available so as to attenuate the power from the playing device to protect the audio input on the HU.

    I would suggest something similar to one of these:

    You will have to figure out the cosmetic aspect of installing one of these.
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