Anyone want some tires? AZ

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    Jul 31, 2021
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    I recently lifted my prius and I am going to be putting bigger tires on it. I currently have the stock size on my prius 4 touring 217/45r17s. They are Michelin Primacy MXM 4's. I only have a few thousand miles on them. I can get the specific tread depth if needed. I you don't already know this, Michelin has tread that goes all the way down so you have the same traction and stopping power for the whole length of the tire. I wish I would have known I would go through with this project earlier because these are very expensive low rolling resistance tires. If you are in AZ and interested let me know or refer a friend. The set of for cost me over $850.00 I know I will not get my monies worth but they are in really good condition, always rotated and kept at proper pressure. I think I put them on about 8 or so months ago. Make me a (reasonable) offer! IMG_0663.JPG IMG_0664.JPG
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