Audio Screen Default?

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    Sep 27, 2017
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    2015 Prius
    Hello, all! This weekend I purchased a used 2015 Prius Four and I LOVE IT. I've learned so much already by browsing these forums, but I do have one pesky thing that is bothering me that I haven't found an answer to yet and can't seem to figure out after RTFM and playing around with the actual system...

    I doubt I will use the NAV system much; I'm partial to Google Maps, and my NAV maps haven't been updated since 2014 and I refuse to pay to update it. Mostly, I just want to see the audio screen since it's the one I use the most. However, for some reason, if I am on the audio screen and have selected a station or whatever, it always eventually goes back to the NAV screen. Is there any way to keep it on the audio screen? Can I make the audio screen my default somehow, or is it always going to eventually go back to NAV?

    Thanks in advance for dropping any knowledge you may have! And thanks for this amazing forum!!!


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