AWD 2019 Prius in pearl white with moonstone interiors

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    Anyone interested in a pearl white Prius AWD XLE either with AT package or without, hit me up.
    I cannot post my Prius deals online because of the advertising covenant rules BUT I can email or call with them.

    One has Advanced Technology Package: Color Head-Up Display (HUD) with speedometer, and Hybrid System Indicator, Adaptive front lighting system (AFS)+Auto leveling headlamps

    And one does not.
    $1000 rebate for all.
    Or, 1.9 apr for 60 months, local CA buyers in lieu of the rebate.

    Spec sheets attached here, but email me or call for my actual selling pricing.

    Call me. Or, email, and I need to know your geographical location to help fully.
    [email protected]

    Note: Crazy story about why I have these unique 2019 AWDs.
    We usually seldom get moonstone interiors in SoCal. That Orca / Panda look is so unique, and light in color. The trend here is solid black. It's kinda nice to have a different interior to offer. I had a client who was a little wishy-washy about what they needed for travel to their Arrowhead area to a cabin, often in wintertime. He wanted the tech package for sure, then he didn't... then he did, then he didn't. By the time he finally decided, I had both cars traded for in my pipeline from port that were slated to go to other states, but I diverted them to us. I figured he'd take one, and I'd have the other for sale. Fast forward to the cars arriving, when his wife decided she preferred a Rav4 hybrid instead. :eek:
    I sold them a hybrid Rav, which leaves me sitting on TWO of the pearl white AWD XLEs! :rolleyes:

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