Bargain Price on Toyota Warranty & Prepaid Maintenance

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    Here is information on two great plans!

    Toyota Extra Care Platinum Warranty Price - $985.00.
    Toyota Prepaid Maintenance Plan. $670.00.

    Many Prius owners have been swindled by their local dealers over the price of the Toyota Extended Service Contract (Extended Warranty in layman's terms) and the Toyota Prepaid Maintenance Plan. For the dealer, these plans are a potential source of high profit.

    The salesperson who sold you the car will not mention these plans to you. You will only find out about them when you are in the office of the dealers finance manager who is responsible for taking your information and filling out the sales contract. He is generally a low-key guy but he is highly trained to make you feel that he is your best friend and has your best interest in his heart. He will do all that he can to sell these plans to you. He will quote an outlandishly high price for these plans and since you have no idea that they can be purchased for far less money, you buy . .B_E_W_A_R_E !!!

    The moderator of the ‘Prius Chat Forum’ has arranged special pricing on both of the above plans. You can purchase the Toyota Extra Care Platinum Warranty which will cover your car for a period of 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

    The best part is that this warranty has a $0 deductible. It also comes with Substitute Transportation coverage at $50/day for a max of 5 days per occurrence, free towing to the closest authorized repair facility, travel protection if the incident occurs more than 150 miles from your home and includes costs of meals and lodging reimbursed up to $100 per day for a maximum of five days over the life of the agreement, and transferability to another owner of your car for a fee of $50.

    Question: How much does it cost?

    Answer: *This great plan is available for $985, $675.00 off of the MSRP price of $1650

    Question: What does it cover?

    Answer* Virtually everything on the car except wear items, e.g. wiper blades, brake rotors, brake pads, tires, etc.

    Question: Is the Navigation system covered?

    *Yes: check out the list of just the electronic & computer systems covered here:

    Question: I already bought my car, does that mean I can't get the Extended Service Contract?

    Answer: No, you can buy it anytime before the expiration of original warranty period which is 3 years, 36k miles.

    The Toyota Prepaid Maintenance Plans?

    It will cost you $670 for the 4 year/ 55,000 mile Premium Plan. The MSRP for the plan is $995. Your savings-- $ 325.00. When you bring your car in for service you present the service writer with a coupon from your Prepaid Maintenance Book. When your pick up your car after it has been serviced, you will pay nothing, nada, zero, zilch. You prepaid your maintenance costs when you purchased the Prepaid Maintenance plan.

    Question: How do I order either the warranty or prepaid maintenance plans?
    Answer: Drop an email to [email protected] with the following information:

    Telephone #: where you can be reached at during business hours

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have, A Toyota representative will be available to answer your questions.

    Question: Is it ok to tell my selling dealer about this plan to get him to match the price.

    Please refrain from doing so. Telling your dealer about this offer could lead to higher prices in the very near future or worse, having Toyota completely pull the deal from us. Please read the message from Troy, the Prius Chat Warranty Rep, below:

    “If anyone feels that they simply must give their dealer the chance to price match, at the very least, give us the courtesy of keeping us anonymous so you don't ruin it for everyone. Just tell them you have gotten a better price at another dealer, and leave it at that. Don't give them a copy of this with all the info they need to go crying to their factory reps about how much money they lost because of us."

    Question: Should I buy the Extended Warranty:

    Answer: [1] You have 3yrs/36k miles to buy and can buy from ANY dealer, so don't let your dealer pressure you.

    [2] During standard warranty period there are only 2 added benefits you get from having the Extended Warranty

    a)Transportation assistance: if your vehicle has repairs. that are covered by the warranty, which will take more than a day to complete or receive parts which had to be ordered, the new car warranty just says that the dealership has to provide transportation assistance (doesn't say what kind, so it could just be a courtesy van, or a loaner, or they could pay for a rental.). The Toyota Extra Care provides a set dollar amount ($50/day) with a limit on how many days (5 per repair visit).

    B) Dislocation benefit: should your car need repairs for more than one day, while you're more than 150 miles from your home, the Toyota Extra Care provides $100/day for food/lodging, up to 5 days over the lifetime of the Toyota Extra Care agreement. I haven't seen this offered in the basic bumper to bumper new car warranty.

    Remember, your original warranty expires in 3 years or 36,000 miles. If your transmission fails at 36,001 miles and you did not purchase the warranty, be prepared to pay big bucks to have it repaired!

    Question: I was ripped-off by my dealer. I found this posting, one week too late. I was charged $1440) for the 6/100K/0. I have never purchased an extended warranty before but after talking to a number of people I decided I would do it for the first time. Next time I won’t be so naive about the price. Does anyone know if I can get out of it? So far I put down a $160 deposit and expect further payments to be drawn from my credit card starting in a week or two (one payment of about $100 per month for the next year.

    Answer: You've got 30 days from the date you bought the warranty to cancel. Read the warranty.

    Question: How about the Value Protection Package that the finance manager offered to me. It includes undercoating/sound shield, paint sealant, and the fabric/leather treatment. He offered the entire packageto me for $475. Is it worthwhile to buy this package.

    Answer: No, it is a total waste of money. You can by the same services for about $80.00 aftermarket.

    Thanks to the members of this forum who assisted in compiling this information for all of us.

    Arizona Charlie
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    Re: Bargain Price on Toyota Warranty & Prepaid Mainten

    There was talk recently that the warranty did not cover the PSD. Do we know what the verdict is? I already have the coverage, but I was curious.
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    Re: Bargain Price on Toyota Warranty & Prepaid Mainten

    Are these discount plans available to Canadians as well?
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    Where can I get this Value Protection Package for $80???