Bluetooth woes on 2010 Prius III without NAV ... must reboot car?

Discussion in 'Gen 3 Prius Audio and Electronics' started by SirLouie, Jan 4, 2017.

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    Oct 26, 2015
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    Hello! I've owned my 2010 Prius III without Nav for a little over a year now. My experience with Bluetooth has been ... frustrating, to say the least.

    This thread is NOT about my issues trying to transfer my phonebook over. I've read a million stories about people with Verizon bluetooth and other phones that will only transfer phonebook entries one at a time. It's super annoying, but I manually programmed a few numbers I use regularly and I can make do with it.

    This thread is about an issue that is far more important to me - my Bluetooth just stops working.

    I've paired my phone (an LG Exalt II with Bluetooth 3.0) to my car, and as cumbersome as the Bluetooth is, it does work. For a while. I am able to place a phone call, have a conversation through my speakers, and hang up without a problem.

    HOWEVER, the problem occurs for me when I am hung up on, or if I have the call ended in a manner OTHER than pressing the steering wheel hang-up button (e.g. the other person hangs up on me, or the call is dropped due to going through a tunnel, or I press END on the phone itself, etc.)

    Once the call is ended in one of these unapproved manners, that's it - my Bluetooth connection is useless. Oh, my phone is still connected. I see the BT and cell strength icons on my display, and I can even make a call using the voice prompts or preset buttons. The Bluetooth voice-over lady talks to me as if everything is ok, saying "dialing..." etc. The phone dials, but I can't hear it dial, and the person I'm calling can't hear me talking, and I can't hear them. If I go to the phone, I can transfer the audio back to the handset and continue the call (not ideal when driving!), but then I can't put it back to the car audio system.

    Even if I try to drop the pairing and reconnect when the car is in the "I'm not working" state, it won't let me reconnect - the re-pairing fails. However, if I instead simply shut off the car and turn it back on again, everything is fine - until it happens again.

    It has gotten to the point where after I use the phone, I reboot my car at the next stop light (if there is one!) just in case I need to use it again during my drive. It's maddening when I drop a call going 65 on the highway, and then need to pull over and stop to reboot my car so I can place the call again.

    I spoke with my dealer when my car was under warranty, and they basically said there wasn't anything they could do. Can anybody help to make my Bluetooth life even a little bit less miserable?