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Boyfriend possibly buying a used 2011 Prius. What does he need to look out for?

Discussion in 'Gen 3 Prius Main Forum' started by PrimeTime11, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. PrimeTime11

    PrimeTime11 Junior Member

    Mar 13, 2019
    Atlanta, GA
    2017 Prius Prime
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    I owned a 2010 Prius 3 and absolutely love the car. Had about 120k miles before it was totaled and then I moved to a 2018 Prius Prime. My boyfriend it looking for a cheap maintenance car and I recommended the Prius. You get a lot for your money and he eventually found a 2011 Prius 4 with about 115k miles.

    We are viewing it today and I was wondering if anyone can give us some tips on what to test and look out for. I remember when I owned mine if the taillights ever went out you need to replace the entire casing iirc. Is there anything else kinda silly like that I need to check?

    Another question is how much is basic maintenance? Oil changes, tires, brakes, etc? Its been a bit since I had my old prius and can't recall what the numbers were. I remember them being very well priced.

    Thank in advance for all the help. I super appreciate it.
  2. E46Prius

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    Aug 3, 2015
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    3G prius requires virtually zero maintenance. I haven't been in the 3G prius scene in a while (I have a CT200h) but really the thing that comes to mind is the EGR issue. Make sure the car starts smooth, particularly for cold first starts. Ask the owner to let you drive it first thing in the morning. Do not warm it up before you get there. Make sure it doesn't stumble and shake. Should smoothly start and idle. then ask about oil consumption if the owner has to add any oil. check the oil level.
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  3. bisco

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    May 11, 2005
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    some 2011's burn oil. the egr as mentioned above is an issue for some, usually around 100k.

    other things to consider are the inverter recall and subsequent question of failure, and the brake actuator failures.
    these are the important things to research.

    2011 regular maintenance varies, depending on where you take it. i would pay almost $90. for an oil change every 10k around here, $20. for tire rotations, $50. for brake inspection and lube.
    tires run from $60. to $150. depending on what you want. air filter is $20. but a dealer charges $60. for installation. same with cabin filter. diy can save a lot of money.

    complete fluid change and spark plugs are around 100-120,000 miles, so look into what has already been done, and what has not.

    a car fax would hopefully tell of any accidents, and a dealer inspection of the vehicle would be a good idea.
  4. Hammond_Egger

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    Mar 13, 2019
    2011 Prius
    I just bought a 2011 four about 2 months ago (127k miles, 2nd owner). Besides looking for what others above said, go to mytoyota.com, make an account (if you do not have one) and enter the VIN as your own. You will have full maintenance history.
    Mine had been faithfully brought in for the first 90k (had inverter recall done, other stuff too).
    I also would suggest hooking up an OBDII reader with Dr Prius and check the hybrid battery to see how much life is left in it (mine was at 71%).
    I knew brakes/rotors were toast (thought I felt a bad wheel bearing, was correct!) and it had 4 new snow tires on it, so I needed tires as well.

    Make sure you consider what the car needs maintenance wise regarding the price. I paid $6500 and about $700 for all the required work needed (labor supplied by me).
    I have been VERY HAPPY with my purchase, been getting constant 51-52 MPG.