C A/C PSI & Temp real word reading when driving

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    Sep 5, 2011
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    What are real AC psi readings on a 100% refrigerant fill car ?.

    There is a lot of guessing going on, a lot of rules of thumb,

    A lot of arm chair engineers ‍ giving advice who read books or factory OEM manuals that are sometimes often WRONG. Or based of vary old information from back in the old days of fixed piston compressors with driven engine fans.
    Now compressors speed and fans are controlled by sensors that give feed back to a computer that controls the compressor output.
    Controlling psi and temps , refrigerant flow completely different than a fixed speed compressor.

    This is why mechanics try to top of refrigerant get it wrong most of the time.
    Always under charged or over charged with refrigerant.

    The videos I show live Bluetooth sensors on pressure, temperature on a Prius C driving down the road.

    These pressures completely contradict most everything technicians learned from the book or any class and from the older mechanics in the days of information passed down from old mechanics who fixed and testing old style pistons compressors driven off of engine.