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    Since our Carpool Stickers Expire :
    ALERT: Yellow Clean Air Vehicle decals for hybrid vehicles are expiring and will not be valid after July 1, 2011 (per DMV).

    What cars can get carpool stickers:

    You can get a white sticker for any electric or CNG car.
    1.Nissan Leaf (hard to get but has a maximum range of less than 100 miles) $35000 (more for non-preorders) but qualifies for rebates, tax credits
    2. Tesla roadster $109,000, but they are closing the production line down since Lotus needs the production line back. Sedan not scheduled until 2012???
    3. Honda CNG – harder to fill up but approx.200 mile range- very basic basic car.

    List of Charging stations: closest is South Coast Plaza.

    NEW Green Sticker (no cars until next year) :

    Chevy Volt will NOT get a new green sticker for over 2 more years (they did not meet the emission standards in California).

    Prius PLUG-IN (sign up on their website to get in line) which may be out next spring and will get the new GREEN sticker. Choose Dianne Whitmire at Carson Toyota (she will give us at the OC Prius Club good rates). It functions like a regular Prius -400-500 miles and also gets only 13 miles on electric but the GREEN sticker will be worth $$$ and time.
    SIGN UP ON THE Toyota website!!!!! Cost is nothing at the moment.

    Poste by Cathy at the OC Prius Club (
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