can it come back????

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    2007 Prius bought certified in late 2007 from local Toyota dealer. I drove it until 2009. I bought a new 2009 and this car became my then wife's daily driver. We divorced in 2015 and she got this car. She drove it until the end of 2017 and then, after installing a new 12 volt, simply parked it for the next 2 years. Now our son needs a car so I'm going to try to bring it back.

    The challenges:
    12 volt totally dead, it's on the charger now. New battery 2 years ago, not an Optima but is labelled for the Prius. Looks the right size and has correct terminals.

    While sitting in her driveway and within the last 6 weeks or so, someone stole the catalytic convertor...
    With no power, the car is stuck in park. Tow truck got it to my house and part way to the garage.
    We hooked it up through the jump start terminal and it did light up, ( when, without my foot on the brake, I pushed the start button twice.0 Lots of lights on the dash but no red triangle of death, only the check engine light.
    But, it would not shift out of park into neutral so we could not push it into the garage. The car made interesting noises as I put my foot on the brake and attempted to shift into neutral and the whole dash went dark and the brake pedal pulsed. So after the battery charges up over night, we'll see if it will have enough juice to shift. Or takes much of a charge.(Aside - my ex-wife is a do-it-your-selfer and she installed the new battery herself. I discovered when I took it out to bench charge it that the negative ground was not tightened down. Way loose. So that may be a big part of the problem. I'll see).

    It appears that the Hybrid battery is completely drained - the screen shows no bars - but I wonder since there was no triangle of death. I've got Tech Stream on a lap top so I'll be able to see what the situation is once there is juice to boot the computers.
    So far as the Hybrid battery is concerned, I have the kit to put the Hybrid Automotive Prolong System in the car and once that does its thing, I'll know what shape it is in. If the battery recovers and other systems are OK, then on to installing a new cat.

    Good thing I'm retired...

    So if you have experience bringing a Prius back after sitting for 2 years, I welcome you ideas.

    Ed in Albuquerque
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    At this point, you would need at least the following to get the car running. And maybe more if you want it to run reliably for your son.

    1. Hybrid Battey
    2. 12v battery (maybe under warranty)?
    3. Catalytic converter with oxygen sensor
    4. Fluid changes.
    5. Brakes checked
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    Is the 12v new?
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    I wouldn't even bother installing the Prolong cable right now. The hybrid battery will be a mess sitting for 2 years. Pull the hybrid battery out and take the covers off it will have significant corrosion that must be addressed. You may get it charged up it may start the car but won't last long before it leaves your kid on the side of the road.

    The 12 volt battery must be replaced also.
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