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Discussion in 'Dealers & Pricing' started by New Revelation, Oct 5, 2006.

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    Aug 20, 2006
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    A few months ago when I was looking into the Prius, I have spoken to one salesguy that was handling my inquiries. Then, after sometime later I get a call from a different person and they say that "My name is So and So and I will be taking over the account information based on the vehicle you were interested in. The previous guy that was working with it is no longer with us..."

    Have you guys ever gotten this type of notice? Sometimes when I hear that it gives me somewhat an uneasy feeling because I now wonder what had occurred that the previous person was no longer available. Makes you wonder whats going on eh?
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    Sep 15, 2006
    I wouldn't worry about it much. The turnover rate in car sales is extremely high, and there are numerous reasons why your original salesperson might not be working there any longer: couldn't sell enough cars to make a living; it's a very high pressure, uncomfortable business for many people; moved on the bigger/better things, etc.

    If it makes you uncomfortable then go to a different dealership. I'd probably give the new person a chance, though.

    Good luck,

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    Lucky you got any notice at all!

    We were exceptionally pleased with our dealership overall but, when our salesman left, we fell off the radar screen. Although we were told by our salesman that he would call once a week, we got exactly one call - the day after the sale. Then, total silence. Little did we know that that silence meant he was no longer there.

    It was not until we went to the dealership for Danny's car pick-up that we discovered, quite by accident, that our salesman had left for another job. No one had bothered to notify us or keep us up to date.

    We hooked up with another salesman at that point who was very responsive to our needs & willing to keep us informed of the developments & to notify us when the car actually came in.

    Consider yourself fortunate. At least someone was tracking your order & keeping you up to date.
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    May 23, 2006
    When we called our original dealership for a status update, we learned that the salesman had moved to another dealership in their group, and that the car was delayed at least a month from the original promised date. We had received no notice of either of these events prior to calling in ourselves. This is when we went elsewhere, and ultimately why we ended up with two blue cars. The hilarious thing was, even though we canceled at that dealership, the original salesman called me a month and a half later to tell me that my Prius had been delivered and looked great on the lot.

    I would say that you should consider yourself fortunate, and a plus for this dealership, that someone is on top of things. Hopefully any special arrangements, if any, you may have had with the original salesman (e.g., discounts off MSRP, pledged value on trade) were written down so they will be honored by the new salesman.