cheap rear cargo mat w/o any cutting?

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    Sep 4, 2005
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    I intentionally never got the OEM Toyota floor or cargo mats as I thought they were overpriced but I've lately been looking for a rear cargo mat. My interior color is bisque. I posted a WTB at and nobody replied. :/

    It seems all the choices are expensive (to me) for what they are. I called a local Toyota dealer and asked for the price on the OEM mat and the price a bit over $100. Ouch!

    Doing some digging, I found stuff like:
    Toyota Prius 2004 ~ 2009 NHW20 Interior Accessories :: Sigma Automotive (all way too much)
    Floor Mats, Car Mats, Logo Floor Mats, Rubber Floor Mats | Mat Depot - $56.51
    Toyota PRIUS Cargo Mat - Toyota PRIUS Accessories - $60ish - Genuine Toyota Parts and Toyota Accessories - $58 - $70ish

    PriusChat Shop : ExactMats - The Original Clear Floor Mat - $72.00 - was thinking of this but I don't understand what the cargo extension is. If I buy the cargo mat alone, it's $68 and even if I take advantage of Amex SBS credit, it's $43. Still too much.

    The cargo mat extension only for $45 but since I don't know what it is, I don't know what I'm actually getting.

    All of these seem rather expensive for what they are considering a set of standard floor mats for the seating areas can be had easily for $20 from an auto parts store.

    Anyone have any other cheaper alternatives? I'd rather not buy a generic piece of material and cut. I figure whatever I do won't look very neat.