Check Hybrid System, obd scanner doesn't see hybrid system

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    Aug 2, 2008
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    I have a 2010 prius 3, getting a "Check Hybrid System" error. I pulled the traction battery, and checked all the modules, and they all show 8.0 volts and no variance in resistance between cells. I have tried clearing codes but continue to get the error. I hook up an OBD2 scanner with 3rd gen prius profile, but it does not see the hybrid system. There is no information about the battery, inverter, or other hybrid components. I did the same OBD scan on my wife's 2014 Prius and get all the info. The scanner finds no obd codes.
    Any thoughts as to why I can't do diagnostics? or what the problem might be?. I am able to start the car, and it runs on gas power. I have gotten it to 30mph, and imagine it will go higher, but there are no plates or insurance, so I can't do much beyond that. I thought maybe a relay might be bad, or something between the modules and the rest of the system.