Check Hybrid System... went away

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    About a month ago, I got the Check Hybrid System message, and the Check Engine light. It started dying at stop signs, unable to kick the ICE on, and the hybrid battery wasn't charging like normal. The only way to get it working was powering off, then back on, and pressing the PWR button so the ICE will run more. I took it to Autozone, and got code P2102 - Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit Low.

    I found a place near me that does hybrid battery replacement... Motorcells in Indianapolis. Their website says send them a message with the code, and they'll get back to you. I sent two message and called and left a message and still haven't heard anything. A refurbished battery through them is $999, which I don't have. So I've been saving for the last month. In the mean time, I've left the Prius sitting, and have been driving my parents' spare car. Well that car decided to take a crap, and all I have left is the Prius.

    In the month that it has set, the 12 volt ignition battery died (probably because I have a Compustar remote start with DroneMobile installed). Two days ago, my parents helped me jump start the Prius, and it is not showing the Check Hybrid System, or Check Engine Light anymore. I've driven it around town a few times in the last few days, and it's running normal, no messages or lights.

    Was the Check Hybrid System and Check Engine Light a fluke, or is the issue likely to return? Is it likely to be a failing battery, or just a sensor?
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    DTC P2102 has nothing to do with the high voltage hybrid battery.

    I suggest you put a charger on the 12V battery and make sure that battery is fully charged.

    If P2102 comes back, it could be that the throttle body interior needs cleaning, as the throttle plate might be sticking. Once the throttle body is cleaned, if the issue persists then you may need to replace the throttle body.

    It is possible that your car may have other faults that the Autozone generic code reader did not pick up.
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