Coastal Tech option for option ,Best choice?

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    Hello -New Prius owner here and find this forum a wealth of info.I have a 2005 Prius with navigation and a 6 disk cd player. I have been reading about Coastal tech and their products,mainly the lockpick .It seems to have all the options Im looking for .I want the ability to use the nav system while underway and also get rid of the I agree option.I also mainly want to use my iphone 3g to play music and movies . Reading the forums Its not to clear how easy that is. Looking at coastal tech ,they offer all the options I,m looking for but hear many issues with customes service .Im looking for info on their quality and hopefully info about ,what it will really do as I listed above ,mainly iphone intergration. I see there are many other poroducts out there , but they all seem to deal with ipod/iphone intergration and not will the nav issues. Is coatsal the best option for what Im expecting or is there a better option to get all these options. Thanks for any info Stevo in Fresno