Codes: C0215, C1241, C1242, C1313, C1378, U0293, P0A93

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    Last week, I checked the codes for my 04 Prius (no special package), and had no codes. Last night, I was speeding up onto the highway, and got a long beep with the red triangle of death, the check ending light, and the (!) light. Oil was checked the previous night, and showed 90% from the low to high mark on the dipstick.

    Inverter Coolant Pump replaced 3 years ago. 12V battery replaced 3 weeks ago.

    The car didn't crawl to a stop or anything, and continued functioning normally while simultaneously making my heart drop through the floor. I drove it 10 miles / 12 minutes to the shop, and then 0.3 miles to home with no smoke, smell, or noticeable further issue. Today, I had to also drive 12 min / 6 miles to my kid's school to drop him off before returning home, and then again to pick him up, with no noticeable issues other than those lights being on. It was snowing, so the cold may have helped here if it is a cooling issue. Car rested in the cold for 15 min before starting to head home both times.

    I drove to O'Reillys to get my codes scanned, cause I can't for the life of me, find my mini VCI.

    Got home, and popped the hood. I noticed a tag under the hood that was flapping around, which I've never seen happen before. Upon further inspection, every 30 seconds or so, the driver side fan near the radiator kicked on, ran for about 15 seconds, and kicked back off (abnormal). That's what caused the air current. The other fan wasn't turning. Not sure if they both usually turn at the same time or not. It kept cycling on and off, which I don't believe is normal with the ca stopped on a cold night with the HVAC off, and all other extra power draining systems off including headlights.

    These codes came up:

    C0215 - Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Signal Malfunction (Probably unrelated)
    C1241 - Low Battery - Positive Voltage Or Abnormally High Battery Positive Voltage
    C1242 - Open Circuit In IG2 Circuit
    C1313 - Open Circuit In Main Relay 2
    C1378 - Capacitor Communication Circuit Malfunction
    U0293 - Lost Communication With Hybrid Vehicle Control System
    P0A93 - Inverter A Cooling System Performance

    My thoughts:
    1. Is that new 12v battery bad?
    2. Is my inverter cooler pump dead?
    3. I thought I heard air in the coolant system. Could that throw the P0A93 code, or is my pump definitely dead? Still trying to figure out the sounds, so I may be off.
    4. C0215 is probably just a fluke that a speed sensor faulted at the same time...but is it?

    I love my Gen-2 Prii, and I don't have the resources to just bring them to the shop. I'm working towards being able to them myself. This challenge should help me get there.
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    Welcome to PriusChat!!

    How many hours per week is the vehicle driven?

    Check the 12v voltage and connections, especially the 12v ground to body, as you may need to clean up the sheet metal some.

    Start by making sure the inverter pump is functioning properly, liquid and movement in the reservoir, and vibration in the pump. Use techstream to find the INF (subcode) for DTC P0A93, that way you can narrow the problem down a bit.

    Here is the workup for DTC C0215 :

    Here is the workup for DTCs C1241 and C1242 :

    Here is the workup for DTC C1313 :

    Here is the workup for DTC C1378 :

    Here is the workup for DTC U0293 :

    Here is the workup for DTC P0A93 (w/ unknown INF) :
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