cold temp EV range + kw/m and a/c %

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    Tips and tricks for cold weather EV only usage with temps below freezing 0C / 32F .

    I'd like to get a comparison reading from the MID's kw/m + a/c % display
    for single EV only trips adding ambient temp, EV range beginning and EV ending. ( EV range left)

    It's a lot to remember so taking notes or a picture helps, especially if you're
    not used to checking those specific gauges in the MID.

    I almost forgot, mph of trip is also important and that can either be a general description of speeds during the trip or the average speed per trip shown in the MID's speedom

    I manually pre-condition (plus) the cabin both while charging and before driving, (guessing between 50-60 F) I also run a warm-up cycle prior to driving. About half the commute is 35-45 mph and the other half is 60-65 mph. Commute total distance is 18 or 19 miles.
    Only difference concerning the Return trip is no cabin pre-conditioning.
    So far I only have end of commute data but since it is going to be 0 - 10 F all day today through tomorrow evening I'm going to try to get data for both half's of the commute.

    In these temps I'm expecting somewhere around 3 kw/m 15% a/c load. The EV range was 27.+ this morning.
    (I use very low speed flat road trip sometimes- between commutes to keep it EV range abnormally high. On the trips between commutes I cycle defrost at MID's max efficiency (68 F, driver only set to windsheild and foot mode) as required to keep the windows fog free and refuse to open the windows any more to clear the windshield.
    In these temps I can feel all the cold air drafts in the pre-conditioned cabin, and the cabin temp drops fast making it hard to want to maintain the slower speed.

    There are two other gauges showing kw/m besides the daily/monthly total gauge,
    one is a graph that can be switched to either every mile or every 5 miles
    and one that gives a numerical average kw/m for the day and switches back to 0 kw/m at midnight.

    Temp morning=10 F
    Tenp evening=3 F prediction from wunderground

    EV range morning= 27.+
    EV range left at end= ? will update

    Miles morning=8.8
    Miles evening=8.8

    kw/m morning = will update
    kw/m evening = will update expecting around 3 kw/m total

    a/c % load morning= will update
    a/c % load evening- will update - expecting around 15

    Average speed morning=
    Average speed evening= update for total commute
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    well done!(y)