Complete - No-cut, no-solder dash speaker upgrade

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    Nov 23, 2013
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    I just completed Phase One of my sound upgrade in my 2019 XLE and wanted to share in case anyone else is considering doing the same. It's a worthwhile upgrade and was quick and painless!

    One pair Sound Ordnance P-35B 3.5" speakers - $30 from Crutchfield
    One pair Red Wolf dash speaker adapters - $19 from Amazon
    One pair PAC BB-2PR 600Hz Bass Blockers - $10 from Amazon
    Two sets 18-22 gauge (red) male and female crimp-on quick disconnects
    Ratchet with 10mm socket


    Speaker assembly:
    • The Bass Blockers come with stripped leads on either end. They are non-polarized so orientation doesn't matter. Crimp a male quick disconnect on one lead and a female quick disconnect on the other lead. Do this for both Bass Blockers.
    • Plug the positive lead on the dash speaker adapter into the male side of the Bass Blocker. Make sure it's secure. Do this for both adapters.
    • Slip the negative lead on the dash speaker adapter onto the negative post on the speaker. Do this for both speakers.
    • Slip the female side of the Bass Blocker onto the positive lead of the speaker. Do this for both speakers.
    • Gently loop the excess wire from the Bass Blocker and use a zip-tie to secure the Bass Blocker to the rest of the wires. This will keep the Bass Blocker from pulling down too much on the connections. Do this for both speakers.
    • Get an old credit card or ID (or panel tool if you're fancy) and work it into the seam between the dash and the speaker grille. Gently pry up. There are two friction pins on the side of the grille away from the windshield. Once those pins let go, gently pull the grille towards you. It will come out easily. Don't force it.
    • Use a 10mm socket to loosen the bolts holding the OEM speaker in. As you get them loose, switch to using your fingers to remove the bolts. There is a large void under the speaker and you really don't want to drop the bolt down there.
    • Once the bolts are out, lift the speaker and rotate away from you. There is a large white connector plugged into the speaker. Depress the small white tab and pull the connector out.
    • Grab one of your new speaker assemblies and plug it in to the factory wiring.
    • Turn on the car, test the sound. If the speaker is working, turn off the sound and put the speaker down into the recess. Be careful - there are two metal clips that the bolts thread into. They are not secured very well and the large magnets on the speakers will grab them. Once the speaker is in the recess, place the bolts into the threaded holes and tighten down lightly with the ratchet.
    • Replace the grille by sliding the front edge closest to the windshield in first, then pushing down to secure the plastic friction pins.
    • Repeat removal/installation on the other side.
    The soundstage is much improved. The factory speakers were weak and crossed over way too high. Rock guitars, vocals, and drums all are lifted up and sound much crisper. Mid-bass response is improved. Highs are smooth.The factory speakers in the doors actually detract from the sound now.

    Phase two will either be new woofers in the doors or a Kicker Key 180.4 amp. I'm really intrigued by the DSP function. I'm leaning towards the woofers first, then the amp just so the amp has the best chance to really make the system shine.
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    Great instructions. A couple thoughts. When looking at the Red Wolf connector, it is made for the Tacoma. It looks to me that the + and - are reversed from the Prius. A simple fix by changing out the slide connections to the new speaker. And since you're cutting wires, perhaps add a coil to the positive return connection to keep the door speaker from pumping out that awful midrange. At a minimum, .3mh will help, and maybe up to 1mh. The coil and bass blocker can be hot glued to the back of the new dash speaker.