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    May 27, 2011
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    Has anybody else discovered these two gadgets yet?

    I bought the CPROBOX ($AU50 or so) recently and it has tremendous potential but is let down by poor software. The other one (CRECORDER) looks the same but is dearer but might be better supportd.

    Both these gadgets work like a crude "black-box flight recorder" in an aircraft, but with only car-type parameters. They are about the size of a largish matchbox (can anyone remember matchboxes?) and plug in to the OBD2 socket. Data and codes are automatically logged and time-stamped each time the power is turned on / off, at 5 second intervals. Capacity is claimed to be ( for 33 parameters) for 240 hours!! This part of the system works well - I have tried it over a 1300 kM trip in mountain country in NSW Australia and the logged data is OK.

    The problem comes when I try to analyze and link the enormous amount of stored data, because the supplied software for displaying it on a pc is very basic, more like demo-ware. There are lists and graphs but they are very crude. The manufacturer's site is not helpful, and updates are promised but not to be found anywhere yet.

    Before trying the other gadget, CRECORDER, I wonder if anyone here has actually used one on a Prius, or if there is any open-source activity on them?