Crowd sourcing environmental knowledge

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    Contributions from the public at large are being solicited for Geo-Wiki

    Geo-Wiki: An online platform for improving global land cover 10.1016/j.envsoft.2011.11.015 : Environmental Modelling & Software |

    As my computer is plugged into 'an institution' that pays money to various publishers (Elsevier in this case), the entire article shows up. On your computer, perhaps only the abstract will. But if you want to read more, let me know.

    excerpt from abstract:
    "Geo-Wiki has two main aims: to increase the amount of in-situ land cover data available for training, calibration and validation, and to create a hybrid global land cover map that provides more accurate land cover information than any current individual product. This paper outlines the components that comprise Geo-Wiki and how they are integrated in the architectural design. An overview of the main functionality of Geo-Wiki is then provided along with the current usage statistics and the lessons learned to date, in particular the need to add a mechanism for feedback and interaction as part of community building, and the need to address issues of data quality. The tool is located at"

    This is different from [email protected] and folding@ home, who just want to use your computer for free. Geo-wiki wants to know what you see. with your lyin' eyes :eek: