Disappointing warranty claim with Elearnaid

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    ok, I'm changing this because it's 3 weeks later and Mr. Elearnaid called me up and said he found the barcode I mailed in and that he'd send me a check. So props to him, he could have just let it slide. So if you're reading this, you shouldn't have any probs with Elearnaid.

    I bought an optima yellow top battery from Elearnaid after seeing them mentioned on Priuschat. The battery lasted about 34 mos, about 2 months shy of the 36 month warranty. I sent in the barcode on top as instructed, after having autozone load test the battery, which confirmed it couldn't handle a load. The gentleman from Elearnaid told me he'd send me a check for the wholesale price, which seemed fair. You see, I had to buy another yellow top battery from autozone as my wife uses the car daily. A few weeks go by, no check. I call Mr. Elearnaid and he tells me he needs the OTHER barcode on the side of the battery. I send that in, and another month passes. I call him up and he tells me he never received it and that he can't send me a check. I'm disappointed with his warranty service and would not buy from him again. Buying from autozone gives me local people to deal with and no waiting. Wish I had known that now....