DIY catalytic converter replacement/shield removal

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    Feb 16, 2021
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    2008 Prius
    Hello all! My uncle lives in Minneapolis and has had his cat stolen 3 times now from his 2008, so he's over it and is looking to get rid of the vehicle. I'm in Wyoming where 1) These thefts are not really a problem and 2) there is no inspection for registration, so I'm hoping that I'll have better luck out here. Unfortunately, I need to do the repairs in MN away from my garage to get it out to WY in the first place.

    I'm looking for advice on fixes that won't require welding, and also part numbers if anyone has them.

    The hitch: my uncle had a cat shield installed after the second theft, making it hard to see exactly what was removed. He says there is an approximately 33inch gap in the exhaust (they cut on either side of the shield)
    -Does anyone know if this means more parts than usual have been removed? Is the upstream O2 sensor still safe? I haven't owned the vehicle and can't get eyes on it so I'm flying blind right now.
    -Had anyone had experience removing these shields/cutting through them? Seems like it could be a PITA to try to work on the car with it still installed.

    Any tips/part numbers/links to repair videos/diagrams of the exhaust system etc. would be greatly appreciated!