Dr Prius Battery Life Expectancy Test - doesn't work on Prius Prime or Plug-in?

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    Is it correct to say that the Dr Prius App's Battery Life Expectancy Test does not work on any PHEV (Plug-in)?

    Is there something that I missed in doing the Dr Prius App's Battery Life Expectancy Test, with a PHEV?
    I did do a search both on PriusChat, and Google.

    I bought the app.
    By running the AC with the car in park, I was able to get my battery charge down to "approx -1%" (the actually SOC was ~17%-19%).
    However, the app still wanted the battery charge to be lower??

    By doing various Charge-Mode, Drive-mode, and Pedal-changes, I was somehow able to progress past Step1, and get to Step2.
    Then, the app crashed/stopped/what-ever.
    I tried a few more times. However, since I didn't want to keep abusing the engine/tranny on my new Prime, I stopped trying to get past Step1.

    The app has Three steps to test the battery life expectancy.
    The steps are labeled Step1, Step2, and Step3.
    There are plenty of videos on how to do the steps with a typical Prius hybrid.
    However, I didn't find any information on how to do the steps with a Prime or Plug-in. Maybe my search terms were incorrect?

    Thanks In Advance!
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