Drive battery - "new" - how do I make sure?

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    My 2006 had to have it's original drive battery replaced about 2-1/2 yrs back. I got a quote from Toyota dealers at the time for "new" /"Toyota" battery, installed, 36 mo warranty (36 mo's on battery, only 12 months for labor). A local "hybrid specialty" auto repair shop offered a "new/remanufactured" one (made by Dorman), same warranty terms, for ~$1000 less - so I went with that.
    Doooh!.. it has failed three times in 33 months, and the car is now sitting at their shop. After crying in their ear about how badly this experience has gone, the local "hybrid specialty" auto repair shop has offered to install a "new" battery instead of yet another Dorman, and are asking $1,300 (battery+labor). They will give me 12 mo warranty, mat + labor with that. The dealers tell me their "new" drive battery, with same warranty terms is $2,800.
    My question: are these two taking about the same thing when they say "new"? Is there some sort of scam where someone of lesser quality is making "new" drive batteries to go in Prius's, that are not Toyota manufactured new batteries?
    Is there some "angle" where a battery that is actually a remanufactured battery can legally-ish be advertised as "new" (when it really aint new, and aint as good)?

    Thank you
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    unfortunately, there is nothing to keep them from making false claims.

    a dealer only installs new toyota 'oem' batteries, hence the cost.

    after that, you have no idea what you're getting.

    rebuil/remanufactured means that old modules are to some extent rebalanced. bad modules replaced, but all old modules nonetheless.
    many call them new. reliability is all over the board, as you experienced with dorman.

    some companies sell new 'aftermarket' modules. the quality is unknown to the buyer, and you are reliant on the installer for warranty, and subject to the same potential reliability issues.

    the best non toyota battery we know of is from '', a member here. $1,600., but you have to diy or find an installer.
    at some point, you have to ask yourself if your car is worth the investment.
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