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    I have a 2006 prius with nav package. For the past month, the navigation screen is very shakey, like the signal is getting scrambled. The menu screen is also shakey, but all the other screens are rendering fine. Touch control isn't affected. I've tried googling, but all I seem to get hits on is broken or non-responsive display. Can't seem to accurately describe to get the right hit. Anyone else seen this issue?
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    So you are saying all other, radio,and energy info screens are just fine & solid, but the only screen that is affected is NAV?
    If that is the case, you kind of have narrowed it down considerably! If it were my problem, first I would eject the NAV DVD. Next I would pop the ground off the battery in the back of the car, then pull the front seat out to get easy access to the NAV unit which is located under the drivers seat! At that point you have one of three problems, 1- the NAV unit is broken, giving bad video/data to the head unit resulting in the breakup kind of pic you are seeing, a pic would be nice to see the problem, a video better. 2- There is an intermittent connection between the NAV and HU. pop the connectors off of the NAV unit, inspect for corrosion, dirt etc., if fine reconnect. I believe there is only one connector. I have had similar problems on all things electronic. I find more often than not simply breaking and remaking a connector will clear up a problem. 3- there might be a problem with the input channel to the HU that carries the map video/data. I am not sure whether the NAV outputs actual video, NTSC 1.0, or TTL Data, or an actual data stream.. One test would be to swap out HU with a known good one, not even I had a spare HU!! Dealer time... ouch.
    Now if all your screens are wonky, it's the HU. If you are solder qualified, it is fixable yourself. There have been posts here about HU repair. There are also places you could buy a refurbished HU to solve your problem.
    Good Luck, let us know what develops!!
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