Easy to replace CD player with CD/Cassette combo?

Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Audio and Electronics' started by Kyle Stedman, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Kyle Stedman

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    Mar 10, 2018
    Rockford, IL
    2004 Prius
    Short version: can I replace the single CD player in my 2004 Prius (part 51807) with an OEM CD/cassette combo from another 2004 Prius, from somewhere like ebay?

    Longer version: I recently bought my aunt's 2004 Prius. She said it had something extra in the audio system; I don't know if that means it's JBL or not, or how to know what my system is. But the CD player just stopped ejecting CDs, though it will play the one that's in there. (I've tried disconnecting the small battery in the back in hopes that it would reset something and eject, but that didn't work.)

    So I'm planning to replace the stereo, but I don't want to spend much--but when I look online and see that there are plenty of CD/cassette combos available for the 04 Prius, I realize that I'd love to play some old tapes in the car.

    Fear 1: that I'll crack everything open to install a used stereo, and find that the wires don't match--or worse, I'll install it, put everything together, and find that the Prius screen doesn't recognize the new system.

    Fear 2: that I'll buy a used OEM stereo, install it, just to find that it's just as old and will also break.

    Any advice on those 2 fears? I've read a million other posts, but most of them seem to be about people wanting to upgrade for better audio, etc. I don't really care about better audio--I just want to listen to CDs (and ideally, tapes!) for a couple of years until the car dies completely.