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    My apologies as it was late and I've been successfully working on my SR+ Model 3. Per suggestions, the bold and italics are 'proposed' from the article. Personally I would have preferred to digitize the report but not wanting to cause a copyright fracas, did a hurried report:

    The February 2020, Consumer Reports, has a map showing excessive EV fees by state, pp. 14. Alabama is listed at 80% excess (i.e., nearly twice as much.) The States listed and their EXCESS tax/fees:
    • 191% - Arizona
    • 185% - Missouri
    • 142% - Texas
    • 132% - Arkansas
    • 130% - Wyoming
    • 112% - Minnesota
    • 100% - Mississippi
    • 80% - Alabama
    • 74% - Oklahoma
    • 61% - North Carolina
    • 48% - Georgia
    • 45% - North Dakota
    • 37% - West Virgina
    • 37% - Washington
    • 36% - Ohio
    • 21% - Idaho
    • <20% - Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire
    IMHO, carry a copy of this article and give it to any politician soliciting votes and donations with the comment,"Your donation was given to the Dept. of Revenue."

    BACKGROUND: Proposed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), this excessive tax/fee is equivalent to a 'hippy' tax. Like the old 1960s legislation that sought to ban clothing made out an American flag worn by long haired and bearded, it is aimed at EV owners alone and often passed with State gas tax increases (at least in Alabama.)

    Source: Rebuild Alabama Act adds new registration fee for EV and hybrid drivers | WHNT.com

    Whitt isn't pleased with the brand new $200 annual registration fee on EVs, $100 for hybrids, that will start next year. It will then increase by $3 every four years starting in 2023.

    So let's work the problem backwards from an 18% Alabama gas tax that we had last year:
    • $200 / 18% = $1,111.11 of gasoline not bought by this EV owner
    • $1,111.11 / $2.22 (gas buddy) = 500.5 gallons of regular
    • 16,532 miles in 10 months ~= 19,846 miles projected first year of SR+ Model 3 ownership
    • approximately 20,000 miles / 500 gallons ~= 40 MPG tax equivalent
    Now I'm retired but even when working, 20k miles per year was common in our Prius. We could afford a mobile lifestyle because the Prius got 52-58 MPG.

    So what would a 'fair tax' be?
    • wheel count - every wheel costs $25 including trailers
      • $50 motorcycles
      • $100 ordinary cars and pickups
      • $150 dual-wheeled pickups and delivery vans
      • $50 light duty trailers
      • $100 dual-wheeled trailers
      • $150 RVs
    • eliminate or greatly reduce the gas tax, everyone has a farm equipment fuel tax
      • a fuel tax of say 5-9% would increase 'out of State' buyers to fund our roads
    So how am I dealing with it? Make more miles!!

    Our EVs cost 1/3 per mile lower than an efficient Prius and closer to 1/5th per mile cheaper than the 'white collar cowboys' driving ego-mobile pickups. You know the ones without a scratch, spec of mud, and perfect chromed tow ball sitting on oversized, knobby tires. If I go from 20k miles per year to 40k miles per year, the tax equivalent becomes 80 MPG.

    Bob Wilson

    ps. I test drove my SR+ Model 3 this evening and my repairs worked! I have one kludge to back out but now I can drive 120 miles to Nashville to get the right part and do more Tesla tricks.