Ev mode audible sound, how to stop the beep.

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    Sorry, but I do not have the torque app, nor do I know anything about how it works.

    There are two ways to get the SOC reading with Scangauge - active and passive requests. The passive request basically just sits there and scans the can bus and whenever it sees the code for SOC, then that is what gets displayed. Since a spoofed SOC is basically flooding the bus with lots of fake SOC values, then that's what is normally displayed by the passive request--the spoofed value.

    The active request is a specific command to the ECU to return the SOC value. Since the command has a different protocol from the passive display, then the returned value is normally the 'true' SOC.

    The following is the code for Scangauge to actively request the SOC:
    TXD - 07E321CE
    RXF - 056186CE0000
    RXD - 3008
    MTH - 000A00020000
    NAM (name) - SOC
    (the active request is usually named with upper-case, while passive requests are named with lower-case letters).

    For comparison, this is the code for the passive request for SOC:
    TXD - 03C3

    RXF - 010382CB0000
    RXD - 2010
    MTH - 000A00020000
    NAM (name) - soc
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