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Everything Prius Prime for March 2021

Discussion in 'Dealers & Pricing' started by DianneWhitmire, Jul 18, 2020.

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    Oct 23, 2007
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    in SoCal from Dianne:

    2021 Prius Prime 2021, incentive totaling $5,400 rebate for CA residents or 4,900 rebate for non residents, OR in lieu of those rebates, there's 0 apr for 72 months + 1,400 total extra rebate for CA residents, or there's a great low near-zero lease rate paired with 3145 rebates/lease cash drive offs for CA residents added to near 0 low lease rates for up to 36 months. Gang, using these rebates and calculating the state and federal monies, you can literally get a Prime LE or XLE for way way UNDER 20K net to you on purchases, after federal and state tax incentives, before the tax and title. And, I have a great selection! My biggest seller is a gray XLE so I have a lot of those!
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