Exceptionally stable jacking Gen 3 adapters front-rear points with low profile jack...

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    For years, I hated using the front or rear jack points with a low profile jack. Without unstable wood blocks, the jacks were never able to raise the front or rear tires off the pavement. Quite often, the car was unstable and often sleeve retention x axis.JPG enhancement plate installed.JPG sleeve on front.JPG front tires off ground.JPG adapter plus sleeve on low profile jack.JPG fell off of the jack.

    Working with my husband and his retired engineer friend, we installed a permanent wide stable pad on the rear point and used a "locking" sleeve that would not slip off. Notice how the bolt heads keep the sleeve from slipping off.

    The 2-3/8 inch outer diameter sleeve, made from schedule 80 aluminum pipe fits firmly on the jack's saddle.

    The sleeve is a natural fit that locks around the front jacking point.

    I am now confident that the car is stable, when rotation the tires or working on the brakes. That said, I still place jack stands on the pinch weld rails.