Expert Says Electronic Design Flaw Linked to Runaway Toyotas

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    Good point. While it's cold...for my own perspective to put an actuarial value on the risk of being killed in such a situation....

    'IF'..HUGE 'IF'..all the reports of UA are accurate and are entirely the cause of defects of one sort or another on the part of the vehicle, meaning zero operator error, then there are about 36 reported deaths going back 5 to 7 yrs I believe.

    There are about 40 million Toyota vehicles on the roads here in the US over this period. 40 deaths over 5 yrs = 8 / yr.

    8 /yr in 40,000,000 vehicles on the road is about 1 in 5,000,000.

    This assumes that all the fault lies with Toyota and that the drivers cannot do anything to avoid the dangers, such as shifting to Neutral. Since I personally have never experienced anything like what's being discussed in these complaints and reports; since I know how to stop my vehicles; since I driven farther than 95% of the driving population every year for the last 20 yrs; since the risk is next to negligible if everything went wrong....I'll continue to drive defensively and watchout for the more dangerous bozo's on the road.
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