Fast service from CoastalETech on Lockpick 3

Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Accessories & Modifications' started by dstrevel, Feb 7, 2008.

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    I ordered the Ultimate Lockpick 3 on a Friday (in January, 2008) at 3pm. I requested the basic, cheapest UPS-ground shipping. UPS records showed they picked up the package at 6:30 pm that day. The package was delivered to my North Carolina home on Tuesday at 6pm. Just two working days from order to home delivery. Coastal Electronic just could not have moved faster to fulfill my order.

    In their instructions, I read their recommendation to get professional installation. After considering that for 2 seconds, I got out a panel-puller, a couple of screwdrivers, and a 10mm wrench and started following their instructions. The dismantling of the dash is rather extensive and a bit frightening the first time, but after about 90 minutes of work all the new wiring was installed, I had everything back together and all the new features worked just fine. (Toyota should have designed it this way in the first place).

    Here's a question for an expert: After the Lockpick 3 installation, I continued to use my old Nav disc, which is the Version 06.1. But now I have a nice new feature on my map, which is "freeway turn" mode. This presents a right-side map which shows distance to next turn, name of next road, and direction of turn while in town; on expressways, it shows a new list of coming exits with mileage countdowns to them. I never had this display available before. Although I updated to the 06.1 DVD about a year ago, I never powered the unit down before this Lockpick installation. Do you have to power down the unit to get new software loaded after you install a new Nav DVD?